Corporate Training

We also take up the responsibility of training the workforce in corporates to make them competent to handle modern business challenges. We provide the employees with the skills and knowledge they need, to excel in work place. By furthering their success, we are, in turn, facilitating the success of the organization. Our training includes, but is not limited to:-

Training On Organizational Culture and Behavior

This training primarily focuses on employees and improving workplace attitudes, increasing productivity and improving retention. Employees are oriented on how to act and engage with themselves as well as the organization, and to align their personal goals in a way to fit in with the goals of the organization. These training sessions are transformative and bring out the best in all participants.

Training On Organizational Design/Revamp

For companies seeking to improve their odds or grow their business, we provide help with redesigning the systems. This is done through a meticulous process of identifying the dysfunctional aspects of the current work flow, realigning them to fit the company objectives and then developing action plans to implement the changes.

Technical Training

We also provide technical training to keep the workforce abreast with the latest technologies. Along with leveraging the potential of information technology for creating better opportunities for businesses, we also provide non IT related training. With our technical training programs, we are planning ahead of time to provide the workforce with skill-sets that let them leap forward in their profession. Some of the areas where we undertake training are: R, Machine Learning, Operating system/Database technologies, Programming tools, Big data, Artificial Intelligence etc. All our trainers have a rich industry experience and they are the absolute best at what they do.


Talent acquisition has always been one of our strong suits. Our clients can rest assured that our business standards are structured to fulfill the industry needs in terms of recruitment. We provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions while effectively representing our client’s business as if it were our own. Our recruiters identify, interview and select the very best candidates for the consideration of the clients as and when needed.

Payroll Management

The payroll processing solutions provided by us address all the requirements of payroll management in a timely, hassle-free and accurate method. We factor in all dynamic HR inputs while managing varied salary structures, all the while ensuring that the statutory and tax regulations are met. We provide complete confidentiality and transparent employee communication during the process. This service helps to save considerable amount of time and resources for our clients.

Hire Train and Deploy

As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled talent to our clients, we hire fresh graduates from colleges through a rigorous filtering process and train them in accordance with the industry standards. The resources are deployed to the companies once they are deemed absolutely ready to take on challenges. Because of the extensive training received, the recruits require only minimum settling-in time once they are on-board, allowing the organization to capitalize on their talents and skills as soon as possible.