Each of us had well-to-do jobs in the education space, but at the same time, felt incomplete with what we were doing. We each had aspirations to independently invest in our skills and learning, and start something of our own in this particular field. We had been acquainted with each other for 3-5 years when a casual conversation led to the understanding that the six of us could perfectly complement each other if we were to become a team; today we call this team ‘the core group’ of Pragmatix Learning Resources.

At PRAGMATIX, we strongly believe in being realistic and practical in everything we set out to do. At the same time, we stand firmly for quality and believe in providing uncompromised standards in every responsibility that we take up. Pragmatix Learning Resources has been set up with the vision of bringing, as many students as possible, up to those levels where they are considered to be employable. And we do this by instilling in students those skills that are necessary to be successful in their particularly chosen fields. Also, through the wide network of contacts that the core group of PRAGMATIX has established over the years, the students, whenever possible, are provided with employment opportunities as well; thus, we work as a medium that connects job-seeking students with recruiters.

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Pragmatix Learning Resources provided many services like Placement Training, Workshops, Skillsvita etc....

For Colleges

Course Orientation & Induction COI
It is seen that as soon as they join students often need an orientation towards professional courses. This is not surprising considering the long list of differences between a school and a professional college. It is to cater to this need that we have introduced a 3-day orientation and induction program for the freshly inducted students. We give a broad understanding regarding the career in their chosen fields, the opportunities available, the skills requires to get placed, the employability gap, bridging the gap etc along with motivation and confidence building sessions.
Communication-Confidence Builder
This program is basically for the second years but equally applicable for the rest of the years as well. One of the most agreed upon observation by major recruiters is that a vast majority of the students passing out of colleges these days lack self-confidence and have poor communication skills. Our program is aimed at identifying the inhibitions of each student and to help them get over these. Since we want all students to participate, especially those who with stage-fright, we have designed this program with activities that complement the information we pass onto them related to improving their communication skills.
It is a well-known fact that candidates are often selected (or rejected) for jobs based on the first impression that they create. The impression that we create is based on the personality traits that others perceive in us. There are certain personality traits that employers seek in their prospective employees; communication skills, convincing skills, time management, problem-solving skills, team management, team building, leadership skills, emotional quotient, and stress management being the most important. This program is aimed to inculcate these traits in the students and thus make them more employable. Also included are sessions on body language and impression management that will help students go a long way in their career.
Placement-Preparedness Traning (PPT)
This is our flagship product, where we up-skill the students to be ready for all the usual rounds involved in a recruitment drive; typically aptitude test, group discussion and personal interview.During the course of this program we cover all the required aspects of quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning, group discussion, personal interview and resume building. The concepts covered in this course are based on the aptitude test papers and recruitment techniques introduced by the top companies that go to colleges for placement drives.Also, we constantly upgrade the content to keep up with the changes and thus provide the best quality available to our students.
Recruitment Essentials workshop (REW)
The number of students that crack the aptitude tests and yet fail to clear the subsequent rounds is alarmingly high. This program has been designed to counter this phenomenon and is aimed at students who are adept in cracking aptitude tests but fail to make a mark in group discussions and personal interviews. Students will be given in-depth orientation sessions after which they will be made to take part in multiple mock discussions and interviews followed by detailed analysis of their performances.
Intensitive Aptitude Training Program
Students are given training on all topics, but not often they are given a platform to solve the good number of easy, medium and high difficulty level questions pertained to a particular topic. The trainer, while taking the theory session, may not be able to cover lot many questions given the time constraint.

We have designed this course to make sure students are provided with a platform to solve enough number of questions from every important topic in quantitative aptitude, verbal ability and logical reasoning. The topics are selected based on the frequency of occurrence in the competitive test papers of companies, banks, government entities etc. During the course of this program, we cover a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 questions under each topic, according to the competency level of the students. We will be able to cover only 20 in a below average and will be able to cover a maximum of 40 in a highly competent class
Mock Placement Day
This is one of our premier products and is designed to give the students the experience of attending a real recruitment. The entire proceedings of a real placement drive are carried out and at the end of the day, the employable students are selected. Students are given in-depth feedback and are also given the right guidance to bring about the required changes.

For Schools

Pratyaya- A workshop on communication skills and confidence building
This is aimed to inspire students to shed their inhibitions and thus help boost their levels of confidence as well as communication skills. The sessions are designed in such a way that the presentations by the facilitators are effectively interspersed with context-based activities. Once the students move out of the comfort zones provided by the school they will be exposed to the rigours of life. This program will also help the students be better equipped to face these challenges that may be in store for them, thus improving their overall confidence to face life. (The course can be customised according to the level and the needs of the students, Communication skills, confidence building, and life skills will be conducted as three separate five hour courses and the combination of these three can be based on the requirements for a particular school.)
Pravinya – A workshop on Soft Skills
This is a workshop which is setup to improvise the soft skills among the students which make them succeed, to build stronger relationships, character and attitude. The sessions are designed such a way that presentations by facilitators are effectively interspersed with context-based activities.

We offer several short duration programs to enhance the Soft Skills which are as follows:
Habit Formation
Time Management
Team Building
Interpersonal Skills
Relationship Building
Goal Setting

This is a Two- Day workshop which can be customized as the level and the need of students and the requirements by the Schools.




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